Friday, April 13, 2012

kim kardashian's makeup look be my fav!

i really love her makeup looks! its like a visual facelift because of she always choose the right color to apply into all over her face. she's like a boss! 

almost every her makeup looks produced approximately the same.
i believe she is more aware about beauty. what is the right or wrong before applying makeup onto her face. and i believe she's alwys rejecting inappropriate makeup on her. 
i discovered that every her makeup looks are quite the same.
i love nude color. her smokey black eye-shadow,long eyelashes, and also her nude lipstick color, and forget not about her cheek! that was a perfect combination while applying makeup.

gahh,. how i extremely like her makeup very much!
she's stunning. love her makeup !!!

her makeup looks inspired me a lot on my makeup tutorial. 
her gossip or scandal or whatever.well.i don mind. but for me. your makeup was perfect kim kardashian.tell your MUA. well done!!!  :D


daya said...

cantik kan. dulu penah tgok tutorial ni. superb !

haliqdiaz said...

cantik..lovin' her look..especially the soft one..

azzahoney said...

@daya boleh lah .lepas ni buat next tuto. :)

azzahoney said...

@haliqdiaz kan. suka. makeup macam ni. :) sexy!

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