Saturday, April 14, 2012

simple makeup.

hey girls and boys,ladies and gentlemen! 
how's your day?
mine was pretty awesome here.
i'm very lucky.because i've already been at my home sweet home. :)

this was yesterday pic.
for this makeup tutorial, daya be my pretty mannequin again.

theme for this time is simple 
you can wear this kind of look when you wanted to go out or hanging with friends or maybe you can wear for your everyday makeup. 

so, here's the result. scrolling down and take a look. 

before and after 

i've been using mac for professional makeup eyeshadow, light,dark brown and black color eyeshadow, orange lipstick. angelitfit compact powder, BB cream silky girl foundation. Maybelline mascara and etc.

we provide makeup and photography services. for those who are still looking for the cheapest price and simple makeup on your day. do book us early.! its open to peninsular except sabah and sarawak. the price is not more than 100. believe it or not? :)

call us  013-3629388 or email at for more inquires and in advance. 


Anonymous said...

Nice touch. serious nampak cantik :)

zera eira said...

seriously look different. u r talented. :)

Syafiq Isme said...

wahhhh cantikknyaa ! macam heliza helmi.. seriousss :) pandai make up kann hehehe..

do gimme ur opinion, can huh ?

RazFiRa said...

nampak gadis tu makin berseri

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