Thursday, April 12, 2012

smokey eye shadows.

hello readers!
how have you been?
already eat yet?:)
don be afraid. am not gonna eat you. he
so today. act i've tried somethin new on my makeup tutorial.
it is inspired by koko black grey eyeshadow colors.

for my tutorial,this time,i've been using mac professional 120 eyeshadows color, kiss beauty 12 eyeshadows, mac liptsick and lipgloss - nude color, and also shuemura for the shading.

and here's the result. 
btw, sorry for the blurry pic that i got, i only used my laptop's camera since no one can help me to take a pic.

i made smokey eyeshadows, or maybe it doesn't work by myself?

but alhamdulilah, my skill improve day by a day.

 this pic was taken from my phone. differ than my webcam. much better aite?

wait for my next updates. my makeup tutorial w/ daya. stay tune. :)

p/s : friend. you mean everythin to me. but to trust and to love are two different thing. i love you though. 

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zera eira said...

superb. perfecto. :)

azzahoney said...

@zera kene improve lg. :)

Anonymous said...

cantik sangat :)

azzahoney said...

@rara thank you rara. :)

cik najihah said...

nnt boleh tolong mekapkan sy hee

azzahoney said...

@ciknajihah. for sure! :)

Qistina Dolly said...

wow gorgeous eyes...

NurZalwani said...

ini ohsemmm :DD

Anonymous said...

wahh. lawa :)

kumin alfi said...

mak ish, pakai iphone ke skrg?

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