Saturday, March 17, 2012

combination turquoise and pink!

these pic were friday's makeup.sekarang baru nak update cuz am quite busy w/ my current project this lately.
 this monday i got two A3 presentation board done,am working on a scale right now. its for interior design,yes i do.and of course i definitely will do my best and better than my previous project. if you ask anyone also they would tell that they will try their best too aite?so here i will. :)

ok back to my makeup thingy.this time i would like to emphasis a bit heavy,not too much but a lil.heavy makeup.suitable for bridal,event or otherwise. so here it is. scrolling down and take a look! :D

 i used combination color w/ turquoise and pink for the eyeshadows.  

mac pink lipstick.code?sory i cannot remember because i pick a random color actually.hee :P

#zoom picture - turquoise and pink its a good combination indeed.

now,its become my habit because am quite lazy to bring out my camera.kalau dulu kemain excited ade camera.sekarang nak pegang camera berat tu pun dah kemain payah.or i just using my phone camera now.sebab senang, and i can bring my phone anywhere,and easily snap a pic.this so freaking true.:)

actually theres many stories i would like to share with u guys.wait for my next update later on ya.he :)

p/s: followers mean somethin but readers mean everything! thank you for reading my blog.i appreciate those who following my blog,but i double appreciate those who read my blog rather than just follow.:) 

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fyna said...

cntik! love it!

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