Thursday, March 15, 2012

hollywood gorgeous theme!

hello pretty,handsome,cuty,sweety and all ladies n gentlemen :) today am gonna make somethin new on my makeup trial. 
today's theme is hollywood gorgeous look!
 i got quite some requests from my friends to try hollywood makeup looks! and alhamdulilah i made it,i know i ought to improve a bit though, so here's the result.:D'
 well like usual, scrolling down and take a look ya! XD

 #picture 1

#picture 2

#picture 3

#picture 4

#picture 5

#pic credit to google.

 biasanya artis hollywood tak makeup tebal2. dan hanya buat eyeliner yang panjang or just applying mascara or fake eyelashes at their eyes. baru natural beauty and nampak macam baby doll sikit.:)

there's too many pics actually. and again soryy for the blurry pics. am a bit lazy to bring out my camera. hewhew.
kejap.jangan bukak new tab lagi ye. nak cite ni. harini saya jatuh.dan tak de sape tolong.sedih. nak ibuu. :'(
tapi nasib baik cuma lebam sikit.dah alhamdulilah saya masih bernyawa lagi. :)

next project ; designing compact living house aka container (interior design) wish me luck for my current project ya.:D' love you readers! :)


daya said...

cantik ! buat bollywood plak lepas ni ! :)

azzahoney said...

@daya buat makeup trial bollywood kat daya lah bole? :P

Anonymous said...

waaaa. simple je :) bollywood gitu hikhik :D

azzahoney said...

@syira. ni hollywood.he :)bollywood akan datang ye.:)

Sheila Nasir said...

nice blOg..
dO follow my blog.. tQ

Kasih Salina said...

cantik..camne cara nk pakai lipstik blh nmpk bibir cantik camtu..

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

nice babe!! :D

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne said...

Nice post... Smile!!

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