Saturday, May 19, 2012

fresh look!

          hello readers!
agak dah lama juga rasenye saya tak update..
luckly sekarang ni saya dah freedom. tinggal jawab dua kertas saje lagi.
no more lack of sleep. no more staying up late at the night.alhamdulilah
ok back to my makeup thingy.
today, my sister mengedik request nak makeup sweet ala-ala korea gitu.
and here's the result.
scrolling down and take a look ya. :)

before and after 


alhamdulilah. my skill improved day by day. 
thank you ALLAH.alhamdulilah, i got two request from my special customer to be.
thanks again cuz believe in me and especially my touch.thank you so much :')

p/sMakeup is about passion.satisfaction and beauty. And it is done with full heart by the makeup artist. With blessing for the bride. Makeup is not about money, And that's why my rate is the cheapest! So what are you waiting.come and grab our services now! :) We will always give the best for you.

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RazFiRa said...

ehhh comelnya... terpegun seketika

azzahoney said...

@razfira. hye sis. :)

izan said...

this one ok sikit... tuan nyer pn comei...

fyna said...

syg..cntik sgt tau! you have talent =) anyway rasanya if eyeshadow and blusher tu blend lagi, lg cun tau! =D

azzahoney said...

@kakizan. hehe.tuan badan y request nak buat kening nipis sikit.he

azzahoney said...

@fyna. hehe thanks comment. will do next time! :D'

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