Friday, April 20, 2012

picture captured by myself. not editing at all.

view point can might good from top or below eye view
the camera is just your technical thing
its all about all visuallizing
how you create a shot how you compose a shot
how you arrange a shot
 its about planning,you can plan a shot

these are what sir Din Arshad has been taught me last week. 
we've already had new assignment.we ought to get nice 30 pictures around iium including with different elements, shapes and forms. gahh. that's many. what do you think? 
never mind. practice make perfect aite?

this picture definitely was not captured by me. haha. ok this is one of my fav picture from my icon photography which is Jim Zuckerman. he was a medical student. but after he interested doing photography, he kept it as his career. i love every pictures he took. because of every his picture has different colors, and meanings. he's very good in contrasting color in one shot. i love him much. 

 and here are my captures.

this picture was taken at masjid jamek.

this was at pasar seni.

this is my cat which namely emuk. 

 this was taken at hot air ballon putrajaya.

at my cousin wedding.

jalan beside pasar seni's building. 

these are not a good picture from me. i think i haven't reach a professional level yet. but learning is fun. learn until you know and understand. like what i've been said, practice makes you perfect. until you know which part you are lacking.

till then. wish me luck with my current project. - designing display system. :)


Detective Fiqa said...

woww. nice capture ;D

Sunny said...

wow lovely pictures!!! :D

RazFiRa said...

sume cantik!

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