Thursday, March 8, 2012

yuri.silver black smokey eyes.

this time, i try to make different definitely suits for bridal.occasion or dinner.
but still i wanna emphasis a bit natural inside.

and today wani be my pretty mannequin. special about this girl,she doesn't have a serious face it makes work easier.:)
so here's my final look onto her face. hope you guys enjoy it.

 almost like yuri.she's very familiar with yuri.sikit-sikit tu ada.especially when she's smile.n for your information,she's my studio-mate..thank you wani for spending time with me today.:)

 am applying nude color on her lips.and the natural color itself from her beautiful lips.subahanallah.its ALLAH's creation.:)

photography by me and zaty.
shawl by daya.

dropping any comment or suggestion is very welcome in my blog.thank you readers! :)


NurZalwani said...

tak kenal tak kenal!! XD

azzahoney said...

wani gorgeous! :DD"

cahaya iman said...

nice blog.. thanx sudi singgah blog sy.. :)

azzahoney said...

@cahaya_iman sama-sama. :)

Ayumi Comot said...

eye shadow looks well-blended..ohsem:)

azzahoney said...

@ayumi thank you ayumi.but stay tune for my next update.lepas ni ingat nak buat giveaway special for my followers! :D'

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