Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the story of us.cousin's wedding.

it was on 28th what i've been promised you that am gonna put long story and more photos behind my cousin's wedding aite.:)

morning. i woke up early at the morning because i wanted to accompany with ayah to came along together.where's your mom?i know you might ask me this ques.well,as usual,my mom's always getting difficulty to appeal an excuse letter at her office. that's why i excitedly wanted to accompany my dad that day.what a sweet day.:) dating with my it!

ok back to the story.morning, we had a quite bite roti canai somewhere in bandar kota tinggi.sorry i cant remember what does it name.then we rushed to bride's house.we're late by 5minutes maybe because imam and everyone was quietly sat that's y i thought we were late.huuu

alhamdulilah after the akad nikah is over.everybody were tired.and we rested a while at rumah singgah.what is the funny thing that am going to tell you is.pengantin was pretty late.and mak dam rushy putting all his suit looked messy a bit because there's no brooch.

and me.i am quite a lil bit nervous while my dad ask me to take photo.not even once,but many.ya i know he just wanted her lovely daughter looks professional as like the photographer there.

the ceremony was held smoothly,we didn't join the photo session,no i mean me.alone.because ya i am the fake photographer at that moment. so here are what I've enjoy your self.:)

#picture 1 - akad nikah

#picture 2 - the bride

#picture 3 - bersanding

#picture 4 - the strawberry choc cupcake

 #picture 5 - the families

#picture 5 - pelamin 

#picture 6 - makan beradab/damai

#picture 7 - action.wink wink.:)

we make a beeline back home. everybody were tired.and me,sleep immediately w/o changing my cloth.what?

maybe that's all that i can write up for tonight.wait for another good coming agenda.


fyna said...

cntiknye pengantin

azzahoney said...

thanks sisfyna cuz freely drop a comment in my poor blog.will visit you alwys.:)

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