Wednesday, February 15, 2012

books bring joyful

today am not gonna talk its just a quick note. i bought some books. somewhere at bookstore and also book fair in my campus.
don think bout your money.but think because its worthy when you read it.:)

here are some of my books.there ya go.lets take a look.

i do love this book so may ask why the book looks in 3D.ya.the cover book looks perfect and awesome!.how bout to read it.:) 
bought at RM17.90.actual price is RM52.90.incredibly saved!

 since i wanted to be a good at i managed to buy these magazines.:)

and these books are also for designing.but more for product design.because my current project is about chair.ya designing chair.-.-

note: dont judge a  book by its cover..remember,ain't about the terms.ain't about the size or whatever.but its about you.that's only one can change it.

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