Wednesday, February 1, 2012

first attempt

alhamdulilah.though it was not my first time using D but alhamdulilah i can handle it very well.i mean setakat gode-gode tu dah pandai la..
special thank to daya because advising me on what is important and what is not about D.
these were my first attempt.and i gladly welcome your comment.perhaps i can improve my skills dari ngokngek jadi pandai sedikit kan.insyaAllah .:)

originally by D.i didn't edit them.:)
 water splash location : tasek infront of masjid putra

 taming sari building

 embun di hujung rumput. infront of my house

 at melaka.CNY

puteri alyah. my anak sedara.comel sangat.gmba pun comel.perasan lol.

Thank God for everythin.i borrow this from you.and absolutely this solely own by you al-Mighty Allah.:)


'IzzatyKhairuddin' ツ said...

cantik ! aja awesome ! nak belaja dengan awak la :)

azzahoney said...

biase2 je zaty.still need some learning.awak pun boleh buat macam ni jugak lah! :)

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