Wednesday, May 2, 2012


from what i have promised,
today i want to share with you guys what i've been done on my makeup trial last week.
i used combination orange+brown and yellow eyeshadow colors.
this makeup suitable for going in any occasion or event.
because this makeup looks fresh and soft.
good news for  natural makeup lovers! 
and here's my result.
scrolling down and take a look! :)

for your information. i didn't shave my eyebrow. :) 

i've been decided not to publish my video. i think i'll try to learn it first. to face with the real world, you need to be brave and confident in yourself, i need to be strong because once you had gone through it,there's many unexpected challenges and obstacles come.. means like "don't take a risk if you are not brave enough."

 for me, i am not ready yet. if i want to do, anytime i will. :)

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Eyqa Hasnan said...

wahhh ! so cute ! make up smokey eyes macam mana eh ?

azzahoney said...

@eyqa. smokey eyes tu kene blend well eyeshadow kat edges eyelid kita. :)

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