Thursday, March 29, 2012

sharing a moment

it was a short outing , night before we going home
we played bowling,watched a movie and enjoyed eating food together. 

behind the scene.
ready daya. zaty wanted to take a pic now, ok counting one. two. three! 


another freeze!

ok stop it. penat dah. haha

note: i like to hang out with my friends at the mall or where ever there are people around, its fun to have fun and be crazy when people are around. tak pasal-pasal jumpa another bunch of friends. he 


Anonymous said...

seronoknya dpt hang out dgn kawan. oh, rindu kawan-kawan u_u

azzahoney said...

kejap je pn ni.sbb masing2 rindu nak balik rumah. he

Azee Hana said...

bez nye...lama dah saya x hang out ngn kawan2..busy..huu

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