Sunday, March 4, 2012

makeup makeup and makeup.

hi again readers!
alhamdulilah we meet again.For your information,from now on.i will do some makeup tutorial and brand makeup review.
n this is just a teaser.
so do stay tune in my blog ya,i'll do a lot of makeup stuff,makeup tutorial and everythin about makeup.

this is my first time do a serious makeup thingy since i got quite a few request and support from my friend whenever they ask me to take a part in professional makeup land.
n ya,now am really into it.hope my works out and turns out very well.
therefore i really need your support very much :)

 here is i wanna emphasis the clean and natural complexion,light and smooth eyeshadow. and a bit smokey line eye.

i actually wanted it to look the more "natural" side.and alhamdulilah my first attempt result.
what do you think? ngeh ngeh ngeh :P

activities : i've been collecting my makeup stuff.

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