Tuesday, March 6, 2012

glossy eyeshadow but still emphasis the natural look.

alhamdulilah.after i got my parcel today.i quite a bit excited for applying my new coming makeup stuff at all over my face.but sabar.satu.satu dulu kalau nak try pn kan.he maklum la saya ni gelojoh sedikit.

 i am trying to make somethin glossy on my eyelids.and a bit smokey this is my final look.hope you enjoy it.:)

some of my pictures look kindda blurry sikit.sorry.but thanks a lot to daya.she is the one who helps me to take the picture.thank you darling.he

and i also provide you guys with the zoom pictures.if you look at the left side,glossy ye nampak hilang sedikit sebab time ni i dah rimas sebenar ye.because actually i rarely apply makeup on my face.i just love do makeup,but i do not love wearing makeup everyday.


LydSunshine said...

Warna gloss tu cantik.

Stilla Royazrie said...

wah santek nye...comel...:)

btw, dah follow dah :)

azzahoney said...

@lydSunshine. i use bobbi lipgloss.t i review barang makeup pulak ye.:)
@stilla royazrie.thank you.:)

saya wawa najwa said...

heyy .thankz singgah blog saya :) saya suke giler2 makeup ./same like you lahh ... ngeee :)

azzahoney said...

@wawa najwa. thank you wawa.:)

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