Monday, March 26, 2012

bridal makeup

this is one of a bridal makeup inspired by most of popular bridal makeup nowadays.

i've used the combination colors of purple,a lil bit sweet pink,and also black for the darker tone. sister be my pretty mannequin today. warning! this is not for real okay.he :P
  she's not even enggaged yet.

basically i've been using mac for professional makeup set, maybelline, naturactors, shumera, silky girls, BB eyeshadows, kiss beauty blusher 14colors,facemist and others.

here it is. 

since i got a few comments from my sister and friends to 
display before and after applaying the makeup,so you all can see the differences. :)

 photography and makeup entirely by me.

 i am not a professional yet, am still amateur . feel free to drop any comments here. thank you.:)  

p/s ; why people still thinking that this makeup field is no future and worst and bad and low standard and whatever? these perceptions are actually wrong because makeup is an art, is created because of the beauty. the important thing is the way we make it up whether it goes wrong or not. you got me aite? :)

posted by - azzahoney


zOeY zAu YaH said...

kerjaya berkaitan mekap sgt luas bkn hanya jd mak andam.belajar btl2,usaha dan cari sebanyak mgkin idea mekap+bisnes insyaallah mesti sgt2 berjaya.ada jurusolek yg pendapatannya mengalahkan ingeener tau..abaikan kata2 negatif ok =)

azzahoney said...

yes true. thanks sis zoey.kata-kata semangat yang sangat membantu.(':

Anonymous said...

waa..cntk azi d make up oleh azza..hehe thniah sis..big talent!! keep it up..=)

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