Wednesday, February 8, 2012

happy belated birthday izzaty khairuddin.

cewah tajuk kemain lagi.nama bapak you pun i letak tau zaty.hehe
special great wishes to my precious friend izzaty.<3
with you even the bad times are good.really!.:)

and here's to another year of friendship
thanks for being such an awesome friend.

love you my lovely friend.:) cium sikit.hehe muahmuah!

i know words are not enough to tell you how much i love you wait for another event.gonna make it up somethin special for this girl.:DD'

#1st pic was editted : reason :(tudung kene lighting so nampak jarang.)

1 comment:

'IzzatyKhairuddin' ツ said...

aza aku baru baca ,
heeeeee thankssss sooooo muchhhh
terharu :')

me love you toooooo . teheeeeeeeee :)

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