Saturday, February 25, 2012

applied art and design exhibition.

minggu ini berlangsungnya pameran 6th heritage & contemporary studies exhibition and  welcome to south korea .:)
am a bit excited while watching their video.dorang dapat pergi korea.that's fun.! nak jugak!
and insyaAllah time kitorang  pula akan terbang ke the kingdom of morocco.
so here are the stories on what is goin on there.

 barisan tangan-tangan seni.kulliyah of architecture and environmental design.we proud to be part of.

i don know how to arrange this i main hentam saja letak w/o telling you which is goin on first.peace! :p
w/ daya and wani.the bloggers.famous blogger to be.but not me.i wanted to make this blog special only for my friends.peace! :D

hoyeah.mukadimah gamba sendiri harus ada.:P

tuuuuu dia.hasil kerja student yang majoring industrial design

 smart! ada yang sampai menang award.dan duit beribu-ribu.proud to be iium's student.

  interior design and conservation tak kurang juga.

 photography.we also learn about photography thingy and we had a photography class and also computer  graphic class by using Photoshop.extra bonus for AAD-ian student like us.alhamdulilah for giving us these chances.

 brother arif.our lecturer in graphic communication.he's being excited while we wanted to take a picture w/ him.he's funny indeed.:)

 closing pic for today.tetibe plak syuk dok menyesat sorang lelaki pe kehal.haha and also yana is wearing traditional female cloth.bayar rm3 kalau nak pakai ni okay.lets come and visit our AAD-ian exhibition this week.:D

note: berat berkurang 3kg.alhamdulilah.:D


^_^ Zaza Nur Iman said...

wah..zaza suka la seni bgini..mcm nk belajar bidang ni pula

azzahoney said...

jom!best tau.:)

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